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Criminal Case Bahasa Indonesia Mod Apk: Game yang Memadukan Grafis, Musik, dan Cerita yang Menarik

Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited Stars and Money) is a unique and very engaging adventure game. The events of the game take place in the village of Grimsboro, which is filled with criminals, murderers, and dangerous gangs at the other time. When you start playing and in the first scene, you will investigate the case of the murder of a girl in the city. One of the crimes that raised public opinion there, and your role began to try to find out who is the perpetrator of this crime.

criminal case bahasa indonesia mod apk

In Criminal Case Mod APK, you get to become part of the Grimsborough Police Investigation team and solve numerous criminal cases of missing objects and murder crimes. If this sounds exciting, download and start enjoying Criminal Case Mod APK today.

Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations allow you to transform into a member of a squad of supernatural hunters. They specialize in investigating cases that involve the supernatural. By finding evidence of the criminal activity and establishing a connection to the supernatural, you'll be able to solve the case and find out who is responsible for the disappearances and murders that have occurred. Additional tasks include searching for suspects, witnesses and clues at the crime scene.


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