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An Introduction - What the heck is Hibernia?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hibernia is the ancient Roman name for Ireland; I chose it for several reasons:

1) Hibernia was, to the Romans, a cold, windswept land, laying at the very edge of the world, filled with seemingly other-wordly peoples. The study of linguistics, or even simply a language, can also have the same distant, intimidating aura as Hibernia did to the romans; but with time, and an open-mind, you'd be surprised just how much one can learn.

2) Language and culture are intrinsically linked, so it's important for people to find a solid foundation, preferably something that properly inspires them, for their learning. Also, it just sounds cool! :P

3) A name, plucked from antiquity, sets the tone for what I hope this site will be; amongst other things, a repository, especially for obscure or difficult to find resources and languages.

4) A network! I have long-struggled with the relative isolation I have felt (with regard to some of the rarer languages I have learned about), so I hope this website will allow others to connect, and discuss. Lets share the passion that unites us!

P.s. This is very much a hobby, and a work-in-progress; it's far from perfect, so feel free to leave a message about anything you would like added or removed, expanded, etc.

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